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What we love to do

We love designing and coding uniquely challenging, yet meaningful technological solutions.

Web & Apps

Creation of world-class websites, crypto solutions, multiplatform and native mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows.


Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for any imaginable use-case.


We create new, fresh identities, including logos and animated promo videos.


Our design and software solutions rely on in-depth business analysis resulting in process digitizations and increased efficiency.

How we do it

This is how we usually build new websites and apps. But we can change the schedule, if you want.


Discuss all requirements and content that you want to have on your website. Making sure that we understand your ideas and pains. We will advocate for your end-user group.


Creating a design draft or a functional specification to formalise and visualise your plans. Planning the project time schedule.


Designing and programming the software solution, keeping our customer in the loop.


Making your product launch sucessfully and get to your target customers. Pre-testing the solution with a sample customer focus group.

Testing & SLA

Continually testing and updating your solution.

Our portfolio

What we've done so far

Here are our best projects.


sia 2015
sia 2016
diplohack 2016
swba 2015
leaf award
najlepsi napad

The Team

Meet the core of our company, the CEO and CTO.

  • Martin Hrabovec
  • Andrej Zlámala


We are proud of these numbers

3156 Happy clients
64 Completed projects
421850 Hours spent programming
2015 Coding for you since
What we offer


Services fitting your needs.

  • Java












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We have used Revolware services for our startup project pitch to investors and evaluators. It was the video that stood out the most for them and made it clear what we are trying to pitch. The graphic design was professional, smooth and simple. The project was done quickly but in high quality. Recommended 👍

Silvia Filová, BeatBar
happy customer

Great guys to work with. Very professional. They love what they do, and that makes their work exceptional.

Jozef Szadvári, CEO at C-Sunshine
business partner

I recommend this application to all active users of German language. You can see perfect translations, but also expand your vocabulary. It is stable, fast and safe. It has a simple and very usable user interface.

satisfied user

As a lawyer, I value fairness highly and Revolware proved to be a fair business partner always thinking about the good of the customer, and cooperation as a whole.

Michal Prielomek, Attorney at Law

I was fortunate enough to work with Revolware on several projects. The proactive attitude and eagerness to learn new things of Revolware team members led to our very successful cooperation in a number of IT projects. If You are looking for someone who can think outside of the box and carry the project to successful end, Revolware is the right call.

Pavol Vácal, IT Specialist at Hollen

Revolware provided me with consulting services regarding web solutions on several occasions and I highly appreciate their attitude, know-how and communicating skills. I will definitely use their services again in the future and would like to recommend Revolware as a top IT consultant.

Igor Bittner, Manager at Marino
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